Friday, January 14, 2011


My Chemical Romance (as well known as MCR) are an American rock band from New Jersey was created in 2001 by Gerard Way and ex-member Matt Pelissier who plays drums on two slices of Its current members include Gerard Way (vocals), Ray Toro (lead guitar), Frank Iero (guitar), Mikey Way (bass) and Bob Bryar (drums)

In short after making the band contracted to Eyeball Records and released their first appearance album I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love 2002

They contracted with Reprise Records the following year and let's Major Label Debut "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" 2004 The record album was a big and storming commercial success selling over 2 million copies due in part to the success of singles "Helena" I 'm Not Okay (I Promise) "and" The Ghost of You "

Banit accompanied that success with 2006's "The Black Parade" featuring their biggest hit "Welcome to the Black Parade" although the band defines their sound as simply "rock" the sub-genre of the band's recordings has been the subject by debate among fans of non-fans and the media

During 7 March 2007 Mikey Way got married with his fiancée Alicia Simmons backstage at 23 Orleans Arena Las Vegas after the tape shows the couple was married by James Dewees of Reggie and The entire effect was ordinated a priest to perform the ceremony James Dewees recently have accompanied the My Chemical Romance as touring musicians

Mikey irregular replacement was Matt Cortez a guitar technician and vänav band Mikey is now back on the road with the band

MCR top hits Video

                                           The Ghost of You

                                           I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

                                          Welcome To Black Parade

                                           Famous Last Words